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We are the northern branch of the Destiny Duel academy
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Welcome all of you to the north branch of Destiny dueling academy
All students please make a room and introduction, if you have questions ask, thanks
If you wish to recruit don't recruit in your duel notes, DN mods may ban you
Notice to all students, we are breaking away from DDA, so we need to pick a new name, I have posted a poll to pick the new name, the polls are under the announcements!!

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 The World of Fiends

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PostSubject: The World of Fiends   The World of Fiends Icon_minitimeSun Dec 18, 2011 8:11 pm

Real Name: William J. Price

William James Price

Dueling/Duelnetwork name: Hazou [Evening Winds]


Age: 18

Gender: Male

Main Deck: World of Fiends

Favorite card: Red Dragon Archfiend

Millennium Item: Pyramid of Light

Slogan: "Now I'll revive the dark world of the arch fiends."

Theme Song: Underworld- Between Stars



He must get a lot of it praise and attention. He seemed bored as you spoke to him. Entering this school and finding a famous person was easy, but not on your first day. He only turned towards you once. His eyes were dead and cold, they carry little to no emotion and he didn't appear to actually care as you spoke admiration for him. His cold goldish silvery eyes continuing staring you down like a wolf preparing to kill it's prey. His skin was pale and he was thinner then what most kids were at his age. Standing only at 5'1" he appeared to be taller and intimidating. His hair was a nestled mess of brownish blond hair that appeared like that of a mane. His clothes were immaculate, well kept and well ironed; spotless like his own smooth skin. He wore a normal business suit, but the faux fur trench coat was not normal. It appeared expensive and well taken care of. His dress shoes were spotless and recently shined and cleaned. You stopped talking only for a minute and stared into his haunting expression. There was something tired in his emotionless expression and as soon as you stopped talking he seized the chance to interrupt and apologize. Just like that he was gone in a flash.

Personality: He isn't your typical rich kid. All though not afraid to use his power and wealth against people, he's actually quite polite. He isn't the greatest person to know, keeping mostly to himself and preferring to focus on studies rather then irrelevant relationships. He doesn't have friends and he prefers not to make friends. He's calm and polite usually. But many of these are surface appearances. Deep inside he carries deep malice and deep despair. A lot of it is focused at himself. He loathes the person he is. He's frustrated inside, but will never show it. He's well at hiding all of his emotions. Though the second side to his personality can sometimes be seen when dueling. A moment where he suddenly snaps and all the emotions he hides comes pouring out. Most of his time and his hobbies are spent collecting cards and building decks. But he will always find a deep connection to his main deck and his favorite card and you'll find he always ends up coming back to it in the end. He has no other hobbies other than dueling. And his life seems completely absorbed in dueling.


William was born in the heart of London, England in the UK. He grew up to a powerful and rather wealthy family. His family was always in the trademark of duel cards so it was rather easy for William to obtain an interest and hobby to duel monsters. In his early life William was weak and sickly, all he really had were his duel cards. His father was off on long business trips that usually involved production lines with the Pegasus's corporations. William never felt lonely, he always felt his cards were there for him. While other kids had toys and teddy bears he had his cards. Born with Lupus William found living difficult. With periods of being healthy and periods of sickness he found himself trying to escape reality.

His first real card, gifted to him by his grandfather, was the Red Dragon Archfiend. He had such an attachment to the card, even nestled it in a beautiful and yet simple card box. William took it everywhere with him and even had it under his bed for good luck. As a child he never fully understood duel monsters or the game, he simply found them collector items. Until he watched his first real duel on the television. His life became absorbed by duel monsters.

His family supportive enough, at least he was interested in duel monsters, supported him through local tournaments. And he climbed the ladders and built his deck upon his enemies defeat like a trophy, he became on top. His family was proud and he too himself finally found pride in himself, almost able to cope with his ill fated body. He gained the nickname Hazou as he dueled, for he was like an evening wind. The story went as you lay asleep the storm you heard was only a gentle breeze that destroyed your own home. It meant nothing to Hazou. Soon he became well known champion. It had come to the finale of grand champion, and he lost it. Not that he lost the duel, but he became ill and couldn't complete the grand champion tournaments.

He feels a bitter hatred to his own body. The person William now pretends to be is a former shell of himself. Rather a ghost really. Inside he is angry and frustrated. In a way you could say he's a spoiled child who got the taste of victory and threw a tantrum for losing. But he feels cursed and bound by his own weak and useless body. He wants to find a way to ascend it all. Beat his own illness and win the way he deserves.
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The World of Fiends
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